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Established in Merrythought is one of the oldest and most prestigious of England’s toy manufacturers. For over 60 years the magic of Merrythought has delighted adults and children of all ages with a range of traditional hand crafted toys that are more than mere playthings. A Merrythought toy is a joy forever – a treasured family friend to be passed down from generation to generation – valued heirloom that’s guaranteed to give year after year of lasting pleasure. The history of Merrythought provides a fascinating insight into early 19th Century England – a period of considerable industrial change and development. The story actually began in when Mr B. Holmes the present Managing Directors grandfather went into partnership with a Mr GHI Laxton to open a spinning mill in Yorkshire to quite simply manufacture mohair yarn from imported raw materials. Holmes and Lax ton decided to buy Lyons plush weaving company and realised they had to find something to do with the mohair yarns. The Sales Director of the combined companies knew two men who were to play a vital role in the development of Merrythought.

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Old fashioned holiday ideas for a more traditional holiday experience with old fashioned Holiday traditions and more Friday, 26 November A Canal Holiday on the Four Counties Ring By Cliff K Bayliss A popular canal circuit that takes the traveler across three canals, four counties, through the contrasting salt towns of Middlewich and Nantwich, through the Harecastle Tunnel, 94 locks and miles.

All of it superb! As a canal boat holiday, it has everything. There is rural scenery, industrial heritage, engineering feats, and warm cozy village pubs. Now I have to admit right now that we have not done the circuit in one cruise.

Step 4 – Start to Apply Begin to peel the top of the self-adhesive backing on the first panel. Carefully begin to apply the panel to the wall, starting from the top, slowly pulling down the backing behind the paper, and then using a spatula to push away any bubbles that might appear.

Share this article Share Twelve more books were published over the next 14 years as the Golliwogg bravely travelled the globe with the Dutch Dolls, Peg and Sarah Jane, in pursuit of adventure. Never the most commercially astute of families, Florence and her mother failed to trademark the Golliwogg character, and after the books had proved such a hit in Britain and then Europe, Australia and, to a lesser extent, the United States, toy companies jumped on the bandwagon.

Slightly changing the name, they released a flurry of ‘Golliwog’ dolls, toys and badges. These dolls proved enormously popular and only the Teddy Bear was more coveted by children in the mid 20th century. Golly first appeared on the Paisley firm’s labels that year, and in the s the company began producing Golliwog badges and enamel brooches which could be claimed by collecting tokens from jam jars.

Featuring golliwogs playing sports and involved in various activities, the badges remained sought after throughout the 20th century. Since we have sent out more than 20 million. It was in some of these stories, however, that they fell foul of the unpleasant racist stereotyping that has made the golliwog such a contentious figure in recent years. Children’s author Enid Blyton is seen as a major culprit, after portraying golliwogs in her Noddy stories as naughty thieves who once pinched Noddy’s prized yellow car.

Meanwhile, the word ‘wog’ began to be used as a derogatory word for black people. First popularised during World War II, it was uttered by some British soldiers as a slur against North Africans and other dark foreigners, and its meaning spread to include anybody with even slightly swarthy skin. However, a few years ago, a study by academics at the Bolton Institute supported the view that ‘wog’ had a separate derivation and that ‘the golliwog, it seems, was not in origin a racist icon’.

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The Cambrian lasted The period was established by Adam Sedgwick, who named it after Cambria, the Latinised form of Cymru, the Welsh name for Wales, as a result, our understanding of the Cambrian biology surpasses that of some later periods. The rapid diversification of lifeforms in the Cambrian, known as the Cambrian explosion, most of the continents were probably dry and rocky due to a lack of vegetation. Shallow seas flanked the margins of several continents created during the breakup of the supercontinent Pannotia, the seas were relatively warm, and polar ice was absent for much of the period.

Despite the long recognition of its distinction from younger Ordovician Period rocks and older Supereon Precambrian rocks, the base of the Cambrian lies atop a complex assemblage of trace fossils known as the Treptichnus pedum assemblage.

“Once you have recovered enough, Professor Merrythought will accompany you to shop for school supplies in Diagon Alley.” “That’s very nice of you, Headmaster,” “No, no.

Windigo is the preferred spelling, wendigo the alternative. And the only attested pronunciation, to my knowledge, is WIN-di-goh. Its eyes are ice and indigo! A Grandiloquent Guide to Life. Discussed in Howard Rheingold’s They Have a Word for It, where both terms are defined as a “clever remark that comes to mind when it is too late to utter it. October 11, chelster commented on the word Schlimmbesserung Discussed in Howard Rheingold’s They Have a Word for It , where it is defined as “a so-called improvement that makes things worse.

October 11, chelster commented on the word fisselig Discussed in Howard Rheingold’s They Have a Word for It , where it is defined as “flustered to the point of incompetence”; being in “a temporary state of inexactitude and sloppiness that is elicited by another person’s nagging. October 11, chelster commented on the word Bettschwere Discussed in Howard Rheingold’s They Have a Word for It , where it is defined as “a state of consciousness too ponderous for anything but sleep.

But the word had already entered English, in the leather wine bottle or bag sense, shortly before Shakespeare appropriated it for his character. The word is also spelled daimio.

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I am now honored to reach out to the collectors and owners of unidentified bears, stuffed animals and vintage toys. Ken did this for years and was an expert appraiser. I was his understudy or apprentice and together we viewed and enjoyed each and every request that came our way. Appraising bears online will be a fun adventure for all of us. We will share our discoveries here on this web page.

– Horse Racing Nation – Online Racing – The original large scale horse racing simulation game and management game.

Tuesday, 18 May Norah Wellings catalogue Here is a very interest Norah Wellings catalogue, dating from the s. It is a fairly large format, almost A3. I haven’t managed to get the pages in order here, I also only took one photo of the doll pages, there were a lot more. I was most interested in the soft toy and Teddy Bear items. Look how much these look like Steiff pom-pom animals. Norah Wellings made few bears, here is one of them, dressed in a suit. Later on you will see one which is made as a pyjama case.

This is about all you see in bears.

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Snipsa Active Member Thank you for the help everyone. Susan, I believe the gymnast is probably Japanese and not Soviet, simply looking at the casing of the mechanism mine is plastic, whereas most of the Soviet ones seems to be metal. But I have also found that most list them to be from the 30s to 50s. Seems the Soviet ones are quite a bit more expensive, which makes sense I only paid the equivalent of about 12USD for mine.

May 18,  · Here is a very interest Norah Wellings catalogue, dating from the s. It is a fairly large format, almost A3. I haven’t managed to get the pages in order here, I also only took one photo of the doll pages, there were a lot more.

Beautiful gift album presented by a Captain James B. The volume radiates a direct connection with the Civil War and an unknown but intriguing connection. Obviously a cherished keepsake, it is a direct and personal link that we can only guess at recreating. Jas B Thomas inscribes the volume “Presented to Geo.

Weyl by his Friend Captain Jas. Thomas For his kindness to the Soldiers. He is possibly James B. The recipient may be George E. He is listed as a 9 year old in the US Census living in Baltimore. Union soldiers suffered from hunger and illness due to unsanitary cooking conditions; for soldiers in the field, the diet was rudimentary at best and was transported by the individual soldier in makeshift bags. Possibly George Weyl provided food to the troops under Captain Thomas’ command.


The beast turns one of his heads back in a threatening manner and raises its snake tail. Faultily-fired Attic neck amphora by the Bucci Painter, c. Popular shapes alternated with passing fashions. Whereas many recurred after intervals, others were replaced over time.

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Saturday 2nd April Lot He studied at the Slade School of Art in London from to before moving to Paris in , where he is still based. Robert Wlerick – – a retrospective exhibition organised by the Bruton Gallery, item 14, illustrated. Percival ”Percy” Wyer was born in Lye, Stourbridge in He made his first major appearance for Canada at the age of 41, when he ran in the Buffalo Marathon coming fifth, although he had been competing and winning at smaller tournaments as early as He attended his first Summer Olympic Games in , finishing 45th in a field of 69 before setting a personal best at the British Empire Games, ending in fourth place.

He also appeared at the British Empire Games, finishing fifth in the marathon. After a victory at the Cleveland Marathon and third place at the Valley Forge-to-Philadelphia Marathon, Wyer made his final major appearance at the Summer Olympics. Although he only finished 30th out of 56 entrants, he did earn the title of oldest Olympic track and field competitor by running at the age of Shortly afterwards he returned to Great Britain, where he died in June Cooke Esq, cased together with an enamelled ten year service badge with photograph of recipient together with family and friends.

C’, diameter of case 33cm.

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Datkng common later label. Merrythought Ironbridge Shropshire Made in England. Most common later label.

My {southern} brother-in-law introduced our family to red velvet cake when he started dating my was something his grandmother made for him growing up. I’ve only had this cake with cream cheese frosting. That’s what sold me on this.

Shop On a quest to get better organized in , this past week I’ve been re-organizing our very small and rather crowded pantry. This project has been long overdue, and as you’ll see below in the before photo, rather embarrassingly out of control too. Disclosure We were gifted a juicer from Hurom which we are using in this post, all opinions are our own. In a post around New Year’s we had mentioned we were feeling a shift for here at Poppytalk, and today we’re kicking off the beginning of it with a focus on healthy eating.

The post to how we got here is coming, but part of it involves focusing on a more holistic approach to what we’re putting into our bodies, and since today is National Green Juice Day, we thought it was the perfect time to start! The black on black seems to update the look and bring an unassuming, sophistication to both urban and rural settings.

Here’s a few that have caught our eye. We’re officially kicking off the season of love today here on the blog with our first round-up of some of our favourite Valentine’s cards we’ve spotted online and that’s new to us this year! Let’s take a look! Every January I try to do a bit of re-organization in all of my worlds online and off and on my quest to fix up our pantry a bit, I took a trip over to Main Street this week to pick up a few jars I spotted over at Welk’s.

On the way back, I stumbled upon Balance Botanicals. A treasure trove of ethically harvested and locally sourced herbs, spices, medicinal teas and so much more!

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